GPIO error on schematic library 1.4.1 and ZAP 2.0.7

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Hi all


Please help me with simple GPIO not working !


I´m use Papilio One 500 + LogicStart MegaWing + schematic library 1.4.1 bit file + ZAP 2.0.7



int led[8] = {40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47};


void setup() {


  digitalWrite(led,HIGH) ;
  delay (100); }
Light only one led diode same time. Not possible on more diode than one.
Thanks help


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Thank you for the heads up about this problem, there was a mistake in the VHDL for the LogicStart MegaWing. I made the correction and there is a new release, V1.4.2, available now.



Thank you once again for your help and patience while I get all the bugs worked out.



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