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SPI Flash and Linux again :(

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Hello all,


after I searched through the forums and tried different options to no avail I would like to ask here for an opinion


My problem is programming a papilio one 500 SPI Flash within Linux, esp. Kubuntu 13.10

Flash works ok and the papilio-loader-gui shows no errors

For me all looks good :) so far.


I disconnected and reconnected the USB cable without success. Within a Win 7 64bit everything works like a charm (that is Flash and SPI are configured successfully)


Any ideas? Thank you for reading


Best regards


Using devlist.txtJTAG chainpos: 0 Device IDCODE = 0x41c22093    Desc: XC3S500EUsing devlist.txtJTAG chainpos: 0 Device IDCODE = 0x41c22093    Desc: XC3S500EUploading "/opt/GadgetFactory/papilio-loader/programmer/bscan_spi_xc3s500e.bit". Done.Programming time 223.0 msProgramming External Flash Memory with "/home/peter/Programming/fpga/1test/encoder_xilinx_bsp/main.bit".Found SST Flash (Pages=2048, Page Size=264 bytes, 4325376 bits).Programming :..............Finished ProgrammingOkDone.SPI execution time 12232.0 msUSB transactions: Write 727 read 10 retries 20Using devlist.txtJTAG chainpos: 0 Device IDCODE = 0x41c22093    Desc: XC3S500EISC_Done       = 1ISC_Enabled    = 0House Cleaning = 1DONE           = 1

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