Need help getting started with BMM files

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Hello, it's my first post. I have been lurking since I got my papilio one, but never had a reason to post until now.


I am reading about things such as zpuino and the like, and it looks like from what I read that the user program gets put in memory using BMM files (correct me if I am wrong). I read the into to fpga ebook, and the free range vhdl ebook as well, but they don't seem to touch much on this subject. I guess I am looking for the best way to add user data to my fpga program, and maybe someone can point me to a tutorial or something that will get me started on what to do first.




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Hello squirrelhavoc,


Sorry for the delayed response, things have been hectic.


The AVR8 uses BMM files but the ZPUino does not. The ZPUino has a bootloader that loads code from SPI Flash and it also has a special mode to program code into SPI Flash.


The AVR8 uses the data2mem tool and the BMM file to merge code into the BRAM section of a bit file, then that bit file is loaded to the Papilio.


If you want to learn more about how BMM files and data2mem work here are a couple resources from Xilinx:




You can also ask any questions here.



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