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Trying to put it back on to the place it fell from. Sharp tweezers, microscope, steady hand and hot air and flux. There's no way I'd be able to do this with the tip of my soldering iron, the sharpest tip I have looks like an elbow next to an ant and the surface tension of the melted solder alone would just make it stick to the iron (I imagine, I never tried).

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Browsing eBay I came across the original damaged Primesense board I received. It seems the seller is still trying to flog it off so I grabbed a picture and updated my original post with it if anyone is interested to see what state I received it in. I'm so glad that the seller was nice enough to allow me to swap it out for a fully working one :)


Meanwhile I got back the adapter boards from OSH Park that will allow me to plug a Megawing into the Primesense. I soldered all the headers on and when it came to add the LDO I simply could not find a 3,3V LDO in my junk box, all I had was LD1117 adjustables. Grrr, I could have used one of those and bodge a couple or resistors to just make it go but I instead decided to have a nice looking board so went to eBay and bought a pack of fifty AMS117-3.3 LDOs for $5, I will never ever ever again be short of a 3v3 LDO, haha.


I'll post pics when I finally get the regulators and solder one on.

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