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The bmm file should have no bearing. If you are using the Papilio Loader you would have to provide a bit file, a bmm file, and a hex file for there to be any affect. If you provide all three then the hex file will be merged into the bit file using the bmm file and then loaded to the board.


Lets try to eliminate variables here, can you try to load a known good bit file to the board? Please find the Quickstart bit file from the Papilio Getting started guide and load it to the board to verify that everything works as expected.



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hi jack


yes, it's a good idea to start from a known base. i downloaded the bit file from the above link but still no cigar. i tried many things including uninstalled the loader and downloaded and installed the loader again, but still same results.


i finally got it working when i set the loader to expert mode. seems like i need to select "erase", "write to" and "verify" when writing to spi flash for it to work properly. all this while i was using simple mode. this is strange isn't it?


all i know is it works now. the downloaded program toggles even numbered leds and i could download my switches_led program. i'll try out my application and see how things go from here.


thx again for the help.



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hi everyone!


i'm glad to say after some hours of hard work, i finally got my design running fine now!


fpga rocks! the simulator is a godsend!


one issue though. the connectors got loose after a few insertions. when i was debugging my design, some pins were not responding. i checked and checked and it turned out that the spring lock inside the connector couldn't get a tight secure fit any more. is there a way to rescue this connector? i would hate to desolder the row of pins.


can i buy papilio one without the sockets installed? so that i could have my choice of sockets?


thanks to all who commented on this thread. hey, thanks for even reading this thread!



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