Need a new name for a new CPU

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alvieboy, why you not write tutorial, how to extend your processor with some type of instruction?

Starting is easier with recipe - what to do step by step, instead of learning all structure of used software products, hardware, and you processor software implementation.

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On 9/22/2013 at 7:30 PM, alvieboy said:

Hey guys,


I am developing a new CPU (for fun and beyond), which aims to replace the slow ZPU we have been using so far. The new CPU design is coming along very well, and should match and eventually outperform the Xilinx Microblaze in program size, performance (MHz) and implementation size (well, perhaps this one not, let's see).


The CPU is 32-bit, RISC-like, with 31 general purpose registers, a zero register, and a few special registers. It's an hybrid of well known CPUs, like Microblaze, ARM, SPARC, and others. All instructions are 16-bit, and can be extended for immediate values. It has 2 to 5 asymmetric ALU, which in certain scenarios allows the CPU to execute two (or more) instructions at the same time. All normal addressing modes are supported. The design uses 3 to 6 pipeline stages, depending on configuration. All branch instructions have delay slots.


The objective is to have a fast CPU (something between 100MHz and 166Mhz) , superscalar, and have it fit nicely on a PPro/Papilio One while using the same Wishbone interface as ZPUino does.


The current state is: it works in simulation, an assembler/linker is already working, still missing the C/C++ compiler (LLVM),


Now... I really need to name it. And this is where I need your advice and help.


The best name I found  so far is "XThunderCore", or abbreviated, "XTC".


What are your ideas ? Can you come up with a better name for it ?




I would like to name it as Thunderstorm or a Blizzard or Hurricane ! If it would have feature of remote accessibility such as virtual desktops i would named it as "VirtualStorm" 


Adrian Gates

Sr. Cloud Expert - CloudDesktopOnline

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