Programming The Papilio Without Root Privileges

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Thank for putting this together, I was just working on the linux release a couple days ago and I remembered doing this several years ago and wanted to put it in the linux quickstart but could not find my notes and ran out of time before the impending weekend. :) This is really helpful, I'm going to post it on the blog post so everyone can enjoy your guide. We are also working on a new tutorial/guides site over at . We are still a couple weeks out from having the site ready, but those who are interested can watch our progress. Anyway, I think it would be great to integrate your tutorial as its own section in the Papilio Loader on Linux guide that I'm experimenting with.


BTW, we must be some kind of parallel universe brothers or something, my name is Jack Gassett and according to your blog you are Josh Bassett! :)



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Yes, I'm Josh Bassett alright. That's actually pretty funny.


Thanks for your feedback on the article. Please feel free to re-post it or pull the relevant bits into the Linux guide you're preparing.


I had a look at the new tutorials site by the way, it's looking great. I look forward to it shipping.



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