Windows 8 ISE fix.

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I've finally taken the big plunge and gone to Windows 8 - replacing my old Athlon II P320 2.1GHz  laptop with a end-of-line none-touch i3-3110m running Windows 8. The real reason was that my old laptop's battery has a dead cell, and the new mode has a 1600x900 screen, and was 45% off :-).


However I've now hit the "64 bit ISE Project navigator doesn't work on Windows 8" issue.


This blog has a working fix - http://ionipti.blogspot.co.nz/2013/05/xilinx-ise-project-navigator-x64-on.html


Rename C:\Xilinx\14.6\ISE_DS\ISE\lib\nt64\libPortability.dll to C:\Xilinx\14.6\ISE_DS\ISE\lib\nt64\libPortability.dll.orig, then copy  C:\Xilinx\14.6\ISE_DS\ISE\lib\nt64\libPortabilityNOSH.dll to C:\Xilinx\14.6\ISE_DS\ISE\lib\nt64\libPortability.dll


I've used this to build a couple of projects without any further issues - at least for ISE and Impact.

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Hamster, thank you for that tip, I need to make a blog post and update the getting started guide with this important info. Thank you.



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