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thanks for that link vlait :) i hadn't seen that particular store :)

I guess http://www.arcadiabay.de/default.aspx?lid=en is reasonably close to you too :P

*edit* there's of course boatloads of ebay/alibaba shops offering nice bundles of controls/wiring and even complete cabinets (tabletop or full), google and any of the mame cabinet builders' forums are good for links...

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*nod* i know arcadiabay.de :) its where i got my gaplus board from. Tom (runs arcadiabay.de), has an amazing selection of games and they are cleaned up and tested before even being put on sale.  my gaplus looks/plays factory fresh :D



as for the controls bit, thats not a bad idea, but i think i will just make a dedicated stick. :)

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