Maximum RetroCade Synth Sketch Size

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I seem to have run into a little problem hitting around 46,000 bytes in sketch size; the resulting sketch uploads, but does not run! 


Can someone else try padding out the sketch with a few thousand bytes and tell me if it breaks?


For now I have removed the Space Invaders animation so that I can continue working on my code, but I can foresee problems building a feature-rich Synth if this barrier continues to exist...

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Whoops. Sorry, that would be a pretty crucial piece of information!


I'm using the Papilio Pro, not a prototype or anything of that nature.


I seem to get intermittent problems when I reach a certain sketch size, from it simply not running at all, to me being unable to page from one screen to another in the RetroCade Software.


You can download the horribly hacky code I'm trying here:


You'll notice I've commented out the spaceinvaders stuff:


In retrospect, this could be a memory issue!

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It should have up to 8MB of memory available. One thing to watch for is switch statements, I would see weird behavior like you are describing when I would setup big switch statements. Things would stabilize when I would move code out of the case sections and into a function and just call the function from the case section. Its a bug with gcc that Alvie can explain better then I can.



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