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ISE file for Retrocade (Pro)

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I wasn't sure whether this belongs in the Pap Pro or Retrocade forum...


So I've been meaning to find the time to pull down the git repos for the Pap Pro with the Retrocade peripherals such that I can finally start having a play with the HDL.


As per the readme.txt in the retrocade ZPUino_SOC directory I was hoping that there would be an ISE project file so that I can pull in the project with all the components into ISE easily, but there doesn't seem to be an ISE directory or file within the retrocade variant as per the instructions:



"To load the ZPUino RetroCade variant install Xilinx ISE Webpack and open:


There is an ise file for the Pap One (retrocade lite) however which loads up fine...


Is this missing from the repo, intentionally not there or just me being daft? :-)



Thanks guys



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I don't think there's an ISE file ready but...


Create your own project, add the files listed in the ".prj" file, and it should at least pass the synthesis phase. Make sure all optimizations are enabled.



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Thanks Alvie. I quite surprised myself by being able to get the design to synthesize, implement (all constraints met from the ucf), and generate a bit file - which worked (after putting back the sketch)!!


There were loads of warnings during the process, but nothing that looked abnormal - is this what you get?


Many thanks!

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