Problem Arduino ZPuino

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hello ,


i download the last version about arduino for zpuino and papilio pro, but when i run a program for example (void setup(){} void loop(){} just there) i have this message error:



C:/arduino-0102/hardware/zpuino/cores/zpuino/register.h: Assembler messages:
C:/arduino-0102/hardware/zpuino/cores/zpuino/register.h:23: Error: illegal instruction
make[1]: *** [zpuino-accel.o] Error 1
make: *** [core\libcore.a] Error 2
C:\arduino-0102\hardware\tools\zpu\bin\make a retourné 2
i don't understand why i have this error.
thanks to help me

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This is a deja-vu....


Care to open "Rules.mak" inside "hardware/zpuino/cores/zpuino" and see if this line is present:


ASFLAGS=$(CFLAGS) $(PREFS___board___build___extraSflags) -DASSEMBLY


If not, please add it. If it's already there but looks different, change it.



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