Two virtual COM ports

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Maybe someone can answer this for me.  


When I installed the Windows installer package for Retrocade, I believe it installed TWO instances of the FTDI virtual COM port driver. The FTDI driver was likely installed before for other devices on my computer before installing the package.


When I plug in the Papilio board, two COM ports show up, and the location field in the device manager days "on USB Serial Converter B" and "on USB Serial Converter A"



Is this supposed to happen? When I tried programming the Papilio with the one COM port nothing happened. 



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Hey Brian,


Yes, this is normal behavior. The Papilio uses the FTDI2232 USB chip which implements two USB channels. One channel, Channel A, is connected to the FPGA's JTAG pins and is used to program the FPGA. The other channel, channel B, is normally connected to the serial pins used by whatever design is running on the FPGA implements. So channel B is what you will normally use to communicate with the Papilio and Channel A is used by the Papilio Loader.



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