Trouble compiling butterfly.cpp

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I ordered a Papilio One and while waiting for it to get here I downloaded and installed Xylinx ISE. I now need to get the butterfly.cpp to compile and get the following error:

butterfly.cpp:308:1: fatal error: opening dependency file .deps/butterfly.Tpo: Permission denied

compilation terminated.

Any suggestions? I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. There are no other errors reported. I can't even find this file. Forgive me but I'm an analog hardware engineer, programming is not my strongest side (but I'm trying to learn, maybe it will help me find a job). I want to use FPGA's in current mode power supplies.


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Do a "ls -al" to check the permissions and ownership of the files. Or just "sudo bash" and do the compilation as root, it's not the recommended approach but will make things easier.


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