FS: Papilio One 500K - Never used

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Been doing some math and can't get I want to do to work on the Papilio one nor the Pro so I've decided to go the Altera route for a de0 nano that has low memory compared to pro but the 66 18x18 multipliers are very handy if you're doing dsp (reverbs) and super-high-res fm-synthesis (96khz 128x oversampled and 24-bit).

So now I'm selling my papilio one 500k, never had time to use it so it's not even got the headers soldered onto it. Price is €45 so that's €10(?) off of the normal price + shipping from Sweden which is about €6 uninsured in europe.

If this thread somehow violates the terms of use then please feel free to remove it. Wasn't sure where-else I'd find people buying a Papilio so...

It's a shame because I've gotten into the xilinx tools but what can you do.

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Hi Veqtor. I know its a couple of months later but I have an interest in Papilio for learning FPGA. Is you 500K board still for sale?

I live in the UK.

If so please let me know how much.



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