Using just the switches and LEDs on the LogicStart.

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Sometimes your design may just need a few switches and LEDs, and you also need to connect I/O connections to the rest of your project. You can plug the lower 'Wing C' connector into the Wing B socket, and have the 16 I/O pins of Wing C free for connecting to external projects.


Other tricks are you can do are:

* Spin the Wings A+B connector block around 180 degrees, and you should have access to everything but the LEDs and slide switches, plus 16 pins of I/O.

* Plug the WIng B pins into the WingC socket and have VGA, Joystick, audio and 32 pins of I/O.

Of course you have to update your UCF files. Here is my updated UCF file for using the Switches and LEDs - Please note I number my LEDs wth LED0 on the right and LED7 on the left - the opposite way to the silk screening!

# LogicStart Megawing with Wing C only plugged into the Wing B socket

NET switches(7) LOC = "P85" ;

NET switches(6) LOC = "P83" ;

NET switches(5) LOC = "P78" ;

NET switches(4) LOC = "P71" ;

NET switches(3) LOC = "P68" ;

NET switches(2) LOC = "P66" ;

NET switches(1) LOC = "P63" ;

NET switches(0) LOC = "P61" ;

NET LEDs(7) LOC = "P58" ;

NET LEDs(6) LOC = "P54" ;

NET LEDs(5) LOC = "P41" ;

NET LEDs(4) LOC = "P36" ;

NET LEDs(3) LOC = "P34" ;

NET LEDs(2) LOC = "P32" ;

NET LEDs(1) LOC = "P25" ;

NET LEDs(0) LOC = "P22" ;

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ah, clever!, I was a bit bummed that the logic took absolutely all io's :), but, changing ucf files, that requries rebuilding of the bit files right?

(Was wondering abit about that, for the avr and zpuino core's if one want to route all io to an buffer wing)

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...changing ucf files, that requires rebuilding of the bit files right?

If you are using a prebuilt .bit file which includes a soft CPU you should only need to adjust your application's source code to reflect that the switches and LEDs are now in a different wing (assuming of course that your CPU can address I/O devices plugged on wings B and C).

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