Jack Gassett

Papilio Plus Prototypes available for $84.99 in the store.

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I smell trouble. Perhaps you need a disclaimer in case people royally screw things up.

Well, I want to encourage hardware hacking, but I also want to stay in business. :) So maybe I can have a policy of, if a board is visibly damaged you can buy a replacement board at my cost. That way I'm not losing money replacing a board and people aren't afraid of hacking...

I can't even reliably solder a 3.5mm stereo jack - you are now a soldering god in my eyes Jack!

Thank you!

Hm, Soldering itself should be ok, got an hot-air station for simple work, if it's easy to get the chip.

But first, something that can use the extra ram :)

Yes, maybe Linux? The 512Mbit chip is pretty expensive though, it's like $20 or something...

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Thank you Bob,

It's surprising how long it takes to get to the point where we can start shipping a new board. I'm very glad they are finally ready. :) Thanks for the order!


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