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as i understand it, one of the uses of FPGA's is to replace suspect parts of a bigger device and see if they fix the problem.

is there a place that has the files needed to build these parts ? i checked out opencores but didnt see simple/discrete parts like YM2203, 74LS165 (8 bit parallel shift register.. useful for making custom nes/snes controllers) or even a simple 74LS04..

and is there a place that has the boards needed to replace these types of parts ?

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In Xilinx ISE take a look under "Edit/Language Templates" you will find templates for many common types of things you want to do like shift registers etc. I know that's not exactly what you want but it would probably be pretty easy to recreate those devices yourself with VHDL.

The other places that might have what you are looking for are some NES or other classic projects.



Also, check out the pacedev.net svn repository, they have a NES implementation there too. I'm not sure if it is open source though, and the FPGA64 project is not open source either...


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