TV output wing

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Here is a schematic for the original source code I created in ISE. I refactored out the RGB to YUV conversion and audio to clarify it more and prep it for use with my camera. Also, I modified it to run off a single DCM. 8MHz is created by using the CLKDV set to divide CLK by 4. Enabling CLKX2 on the same DCM gives us the 64MHz for the encoder logic and CLK0 provides the 32MHz for the audio.

Thought you might wanna toss it on the playground as an illustration.

Let me know and I can post the project with the schematic top and symbols for all the entities if anyone wants it.


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Great work! We can put it on the playground or anyone is free to post to the playground themselves. The password to edit any of the wiki pages is "gadgetfactory".

We are also working as we speak on a project directory solution where people can submit their projects to a directory that can be searched and browsed. Dhia is prototyping it now and it might be up within a week.



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