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arcade tutorial?

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It would be nice to have a bare-bones arcade kit tutorial, just generating a ramping frequency sine wave for the audio wing, a VGA colorbars raster, and displaying a sequence of boxes for each joystick input that's depressed. I'm working on something like this but I'm more of a Verilog guy and it'll take me a while...

Also it wasn't obvious where to plug in the wings at first (I had to look at the videos, which are great by the way).

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That's a great idea! The entire website is a wiki so feel free to start a new page for these efforts on the Playground section of the website. If you scroll down to the bottom there is a "Edit Page" link that lets you add new pages using standard Wiki formatting. The password to edit pages is "papilio" which I just added because of to many spammer attacks.

There is a VGA colorbar application at that I have working on the Papilio, this might be a good start.

Noted about not being obvious where to plug in the Wings, I will update the word doc with a picture. It's also on my task list to move all the information from the old GadgetForge page to the page and make it nice and pretty.


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