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Jack Gassett

Papilio Overshield Development

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There have been several emails inquiring about the status of the Papilio Overshield so I'm starting a thread to discuss the current development.

The Papilio Overshield is the new name for the Papilio Uno.

My goal is to finish development of the Papilio Overshield in October 2010. I will work on it during September as much as possible but the upcoming Papilio Arcade is the primary focus for September.

The current status of the first Prototype is that everything works as expected. The Bus switches do their job and provide 5V tolerance. The Arduino is able to program a bitstream to the SPI flash and the FPGA loads it.

The biggest issue with the design as it is though is that the reset button has to be held down during the entire time that the SPI flash is programmed. Since it takes 30-60 seconds this is a real hassle. My intention is to replace the reset button with a switch that can be selected for "Program" or "Run"

Following is a list of tasks that need to be done for the next revision:

-Replace reset button with switch for PROG/RUN

-Remove SPI switch and replace with always connected and on. The SPI switch is not necessary.

-Replace/Reroute SPI Flash chip. There are no Atmel SPI flash chips available on the market so we need to change to the *M25* footprint.

-Change footprint of Diodes, the ones that were used are waaay to tiny.

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