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Found 2 results

  1. Felix

    Papilio GameBase

    Here is my GameBase database for the papilio The GameBase installer is at Specifically, It does not include the ROM Files, but if it works with Arcade Blaster, it should work with this. It uses a windows (helper) batch file to build the .bit file and loads it up into the Papilio 500k This is, of course, a WIP. I will see about building an installer or a .zip file later. If you are a gamebase user, you should be able to figure out where everything goes. mame compatible .zip files go in Papilio_Arcade_v01\Games eventually, i will include a ROMVault DAT file to assist in rebuilding the proper ROM sets. It supports the following games (same as Arcade Blaster, plus a few more that A.B. cant support.) ******** as usual, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) ******** Alien InvadersAlien Invaders Part IIAmidarCrush RollerCaterpillarEyes [Not Playable due to controller mapping] << Not in Arcade BlasterFroggerGalaxianGalaxian Hardware Test ROMGorkansHangly Man (Set 1)Hangly Man (Set 2)Hangly Man (Set 3)Space Invaders 4Space InvadersJumpshot [Not Playable due to controller mapping] << Not in Arcade BlasterJumpshotP [Not Playable due to controller mapping] << Not in Arcade BlasterMr Do's NightmareNewPuc2NewPuc2bNewPuckxPacHeartPac-ManPac-Man (fast)Pac-Man Plus << Not in Arcade BlasterPac-Manic-Miner-Man << Not in Arcade BlasterPongDemoPopeyeManPuckmanScrambleSuper Earth Invasion (Set 1)Super Earth Invasion (Set 2)Shoot the Bull [Not Playable due to controller mapping] << Not in Arcade BlasterSpace KingSuper Glob (Bootleg) [Not Playable due to controller mapping]The End The 'not playable due to controller mapping' games are games that run on thepacman hardware. pacman hardware didn't have a button originally, and in thecurrent setup, the button is mapped to the rack test dipswitch. this means that pacman, jumpshot, et al will reset and go into rack test modewhenever you hold the button down (long enough). Regards, // Felix //
  2. I have uploaded my newest project to github. What is it? its the standard romgen.exe by mikej included with the Arcade Blaster application, but with a twist. (source released with mikej's permission) by including the -ini switch on the command line, it is capable of doing some simple bitswaps on the raw ROM data allowing various other games to run on PacMan hardware. Currently I have ini / batch file combinations for the following : jumpshot jumpshotp shoot the bull pac-man plus (currently the only ini uploaded to github) since they are based on the pacman hardware with some simple address lines switched around. other encryption types can easily be supported and the ini files are created by using information found in MAME. In the coming days, i will update the git repository with the other ini and bat files, and of course proper documentation that shows how to use it. maybe at some point, we can get support for the -ini switch added to arcade blaster for native support. This post has been promoted to an article