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Found 1 result

  1. MartyMacGyver

    Comparing the Papilio One with the Pro

    Beyond the various new features per the wiki page, how does the Papilio Pro stack up to the One (500K) in terms of its capacity to contain a given logic design, particularly the Arduino and ZPUino cores? My point of reference is this spec sheet. The One's XC3S500E appears to have far more slices compared to the Pro's XC6SLX9 (even when considering the 2:1(?) difference in slice sizes between the newer Spartan-6 and the older Spartan-3), but of course there's the new DSPs and such as well in the 6. Other than that, the Spartan-6 seems to have slightly fewer logic cells and slightly more flip-flops (but do those numbers include what's in the slices, etc.?) Thanks in advance, and if this is all covered elsewhere already just let me know... so far I haven't stumbled upon a head-to-head comparison of the Pro vs the One 500K with these details, and that'd be useful info for people switching to the Pro (or, like me, starting out with it).