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Found 2 results

  1. alvieboy

    IoT Panel - Some pics

    Some pics of my IoT RGB panel board. Took some time to actually take some photos today while assembling one. This is the 9th assembled board. Not final release - I still have to do some modifications (mostly to improve its capabilitites). RGB332 tested OK, perhaps better bitdepth will be possible... working on it. Top view: Xilinx XC2C32 CPLD, in charge of panel control: 3.3 and 1.8 LDO. Caps. Close-up on CPLD. Nice soldering. Thanks Jack to make me go back to Kenston Flux pen. Board top overview, along with stock XC2C32. Bottom view. Passives (mostly caps) and ESP8266 - the heart of the design. And fully assembled board. Some components are optional and not populated. Will be removed in version 1.1. What can it do ? Well, many things.... Let me know if you want to watch some demos. Alvie
  2. Hi guys! I'm just wondering if there's any way to use the programmer on the Papilio to program other devices via JTAG? If there's any, how? I'd probably like to program some Xilinx CPLD, like the XC95144XL with it... I guess it should be possible somehow... Thank you for your answers. Richard, the crazy one.