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  1. If the oil in the vacuum pump is dirty, can the frozen oil replace the frozen oil can replace the vacuum pump oil? About this question, puno manufacturer of vacuum pump oil is like this explanation, first we must make clear what is in common between them, and what's the different between the two places, with these two questions, small make up on this article is to analyze the related questions of frozen oil can replace the vacuum pump oil, hope to inspire you. Can refrigerated oil replace vacuum pump oil? Punok vacuum pump oil has its unique substitution principle: Try to use the same type of oil or similar performance, similar type of additives instead. High quality to replace low, that is to choose high quality first gear oil substitute, so that the use of equipment lubrication more reliable, improve the efficiency of equipment. At the same time, but also can extend the use of life, economically cost-effective. The viscosity should be similar, the viscosity of substitute oil should not exceed the original oil viscosity ±25%. In general, oil with a slightly higher viscosity should be preferred for substitution. When choosing substitute oil, attention should be paid to the environment and operating temperature of the equipment. For mechanical equipment with large working temperature variation, the viscosity and temperature of substitute oil is better; For machines working at low temperature, the freezing point of substitute oil should be lower than the working temperature of 10; And for high temperature working machinery, it is necessary to consider the flash point of oil to be higher, oxidation stability also to meet the use requirements. Vacuum pump products Low capacity gas colection vacuum pump Liquid ring vacuum pump features Liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers