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    Papilio Pro SDRAM controller and explanation

    cool, thanks, very helpful, for me
  2. Thomas Winkler

    HD44780 interface

    There is a solution in VHDL …
  3. Thomas Winkler

    4 digits seven-segment display

    The Megawing is simple to use with the ZPU in the Papilio. There are many Sketches around to Show how to do it right. Or do you want a FPGA solution? then you can solve it with a state maschine or another simple Logic.
  4. The Mojo v3 is cool, especially how simple to work with the Mojo IDE. But since I have a Papilio Duo I never would Change it again. To have SRAM and VGA Output and a simple to use Softcore, - it is all I need.