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  1. LenBiar

    Flash Erase

    Paraphrase please Here's more info in regards to How do you connect supply lines in Fallout 4 or How can I make money playing video games look into the web-page
  2. LenBiar

    Unknown Papilio Board

    To me, it is a collectors item and I found the response to my question here on the board. I read the War Baby article and was very pleased to find it there in its historical context.Pierre
  3. That also happens with the ProjectMagma theme as well, I didnt check the others. Perhaps it was meant to do this, so that it would not interfere with a persons avatar.
  4. LenBiar

    Map of Papilio World Domination!

    The world map I created is no longer on the list of available maps. When I go into the map editor the title "World" of the map is there, but there is no thumbnail or edit button, only a delete button. Dont know if the 2 things are related but I just recently had my rank reset due to the rank bug.
  5. LenBiar

    Loading Papilio Bram only project on papilio pro

    Thanks Jorg.....on closer inspection, I think she has been refinished, so scratchplate may well not be original......but very well done if not original......knobs defo not original, and I wonder what they should be like?
  6. Trying a clean install, which is probably what I should have done in the first place. Just not super comfortable with linux/wine yet.
  7. LenBiar

    Recording from Delta-Sigma DAC to PC

    I am using them separately, but when the recording input in DP disappears, Im still getting sound from my mic coming through the control software in the computer... all Ido is quit DP and start it again and it works...
  8. LenBiar

    Changing the clock frequency

    I consider, that you are not right. I can defend the position.
  9. LenBiar

    Pac Man minor video corruption

    Wouldn be the first time the Ds gets a shitty port. Lego Star Wars 2 anyone ? Anyway i would like to see the day when Namco stops making shitty 3d platormer/puzzle whatevers with pacman in them. Or to use an overused meme LEAVE PACMAN ALONE