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    Place:1108 in a XC6SLX16-CSG324

    Hi Magnus, I had some issues with some codes, but looking through other codes, I noticed the problem. I don't remember why using posedge on a button was a good idea in my head. Anyways, thanks a lot. I have fixed the issue the tuesday afternoon. Oskar
  2. Oskar STEPIEÑ

    Place:1108 in a XC6SLX16-CSG324

    Hi, I´m making a emulatorfor an FPGA Spartan6 XC6SLX16-CSG324C (Its a Nexys 3 board). When I tried make something more complex than light an LED, I though the problem was mine. But, I tried make a simple program to know the issue. This program, a simple botton-led, I use the C4 pin and U16 pin. The problem is the C4, a button, does the next error. Alright, some good being, told me to use the solution of: 1- Change the button to other that works (Works fine, but... there only works 3 buttons from 6, and one is the RESET button) 2- Use the "NET "btnl" CLOCK_DEDICATED_ROUTE = FALSE;", this, doesn´t work fine in the board. I looking for any new solution that might work. I also have the original proyect that don´t have any of this issues, but it´s a bit strange. The code is the next: And the .ucf file: Any help would be apreciated.