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  1. silvestru

    Papilio one 100k quick start bit file

    Hi James, Thanks for your reply. I re-positioned the picture by setting the VGA_Invert.vhd constant Horizontal & constant Vertical variables settings. Thanks for the website you recommended. I will try to understand something there.
  2. silvestru

    Papilio one 100k quick start bit file

    James, thanks for replying. I don't think it's part of the project. As you may already know I am new to this FPGA thing. I downloaded it many times from GitHub and managed to make both Pacman and Space invaders work. The problem was that they are opposite to each other on the screen and you have to turn the monitor the other way round. Then I saw a thread on the forum named Video inversion for Invaders for space invaders by Marco. The problem was I could not create the u_invert file for it. But finally I managed. Now the only problem I found is that the words ( SCORE<1> HIGH SCORE SCORE<2> ) are missing from the top of the screen. Thanks
  3. silvestru

    Papilio one 100k quick start bit file

    Very well done both of you, I understand that Jack was upset about people buying knockoffs. But unfortunately I have bought both Original Papilio Pro & Mega wing from Jack, I guess! (Factory Gadget that is) I hope. My only reason I bought them is that I love arcade games which I got some help from James on a particular game. But later I needed some help on how to create a memory core to be called u_invert, to compliment the VGA_Invert.vhd for space invaders, and all I got is nothing even from Jack himself. Where is the support?I am still waiting. Thanks.
  4. silvestru

    Video inversion for Invaders

    Can anybody help please? How do you generate a memory core? (u_invert) thanks
  5. silvestru

    Video inversion for Invaders

    Can any one explain this step by step please as I cannot get it to work. I am new here and can't figure it out.
  6. Where did you find the preferences file? I have the same problem.