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  1. Hey there. Is gadget factory shutting down their site or moving to a different domain / host? I can't download designlab, and I the papilio duo quickstart page takes me to a hostgator 404
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    Papilio loader: Null-pointer

    Hello. I just wanted to note that this is still an issue, and not easily googleable. It'd be nice if a fix could be implemented I had to help a friend get the loader to run again. Friend is running: Latest windows 10 ISE 14.7 webpack for windows 7, with dll fix to work on windows 10. We opened CMD, entered the directory of papilio loader, ran: java -jar papilio-loader.jar "programmer/bscan_spi_xc6slx9.bit" This opened papilio loader as it should. Then we opened preferences, and unchecked the "load last bitfile" option, and now it works as expected.