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    Edit circuit in ise in Windows 10

    I tried associating .xise files with ise.exe but on startup it launches the _pn.exe file and crashes.
  2. cthutu

    Edit circuit in ise in Windows 10

    Unfortunately this doesn't work since Windows requires an app to associate with the .xise extension, and I am not sure which binary I associate it with.
  3. cthutu

    Edit circuit in ise in Windows 10

    I've hit this problem too. I am currently downloading the recommended version. Everyone new user of a Papilio device MUST be hitting this problem. I hope GadgetFactory update their software fast, or at least provide a link to the correct download. The current link in the new file comments for downloading Xilinx tools is broken.
  4. The link to Xilinx downloads is broken currently in designlab. However, after a google search for "ise webpack" I downloaded a Windows 10 installer for the Xilinx tools. This installed virtualbox which launch the Xilinx tools in a Linux VM after registration that assumed I was a company. When I press EDIT CIRCUIT on designlab, it asked which program to use to open ".xise" files, and of course no such program existed that Windows could find. Could someone provide me with the correct download links?