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  1. Hi Jack and Thomas, I just stumbled across this discussion in my semi-regular googling to see if FuseSoC has picked up any new users. Exciting read. I really like the Papilio ecosystem and have been planning on buying some boards. Unfortunately, I have realized that it's lack of time rather than lack of HW that prevents me from playing more with FPGAs outside of work. Anyway, I'm happy to help out and answer questions. I know that you have both contributed patches to FuseSoC already. Also, let me take the opportunity to once again apologize for the embarrassing lack of documentation. I can however answer one of your earliest questions right away. If you create a file in a fileset with the tclSource file type, it will be picked up by ISE and sourced in the main TCL script that creates the project file. As other backends also support sourcing TCL files, you should add a usage = ise to make sure it's not picked up by other tools. Regarding the inelegance of having .core files with or without provider sections, depending on if their local in the source tree or external... I'm aware of that. I have some ideas for how to make that slightly nicer, but it's not prioritized right now. I will get back once I have more to say about that I was wondering a bit about this one. Couldn't really figure out what you mean. Could you elaborate a bit and perhaps I can see if this is something that is already handled or that I could add handling for. Anyway, hope to find time to try out the stuff you have packaged. Already built and tested bonfire-soc, but not the zpuino stuff. Also, make sure to register your projects at librecores.org. We are building an index there of interesting open source silicon projects. The registration process is very streamlined and should only take a moment. Right now it's mostly an index, but we plan to expand this to automatically handle CI and show relations between cores (especially for FuseSoC-compatible cores) in the future. Consider this also an invitation to our yearly conference, ORConf. We would love to see some presence from the Papilio corner and I believe many in our audience would like to hear a presentation of your work Cheers, Olof