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  1. Hello, I'm a newbie in the FPGA, and I'm managing with the Papilio Pro Board. The problem is I can't make the SDRAM work correctly. I was trying to use the Hamster's SDRAM controller, and did as he describes, but I get weird results. First, sometimes it reads with random mistakes (though it might be a write problem, I don't know) Second, sometimes during sequential read it reads first 3-4 values the same and only then starts to increment address. Could you please advise some VHDL code example of how to explore the Hamster's SDRAM controller (or any other)? Hamsterworks wiki site doesn't work for some reason so I can't read his explanation once more... Kind regards, Sergey
  2. SDRAM controller for Papilio Pro

    Hello to all, Thank you very much for your advises. I was trying to understand both Hamster's SDRAM controllers (simple and extended (ZPuino one)). The last one seems to be quite difficult for understanding for me so far. Alvie, could you please give some hints why this huge controller is so... huge? I mean what are its advantages before the simple one? (sorry if my question seems stupid) I made some success with the simple SDRAM controller, though I still have some random misreads. Kind regards, Sergey