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  1. I managed to install the libusb-win32 driver. The people of pulseview said they never removed the pipistrello support..
  2. @mkarlsson How did you manage to build the pulseview-0.2.0-installer.exe with the pipistrello OLS 64M driver? I am asking because with the v2.0.2 I am not able to save sr-files (it is an old version with bugs). The actual nightly build of pulseview doesnt have the 64M driver. Do you have an actual build for windows or can you explain how to compile the pulseview for windows with the driver for 64M? Or: How to use the actual nightly build for win with the pipistrello OLS 64M? With your version (http://www.saanlima.com/download/pulseview-0.2.0-installer.exe) the 64M variant is usable, with the nightly build not.