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  1. Hi Felix, thanks! I tried ROMVault, it failed over the USB hub. Then I connected directly and now the Arcade MegaWing works! (At least I get VGA output, I didn't connect a gamepad yet and the PCB buttons don't really do that much). I also tried to program the RetroCade without a hub in between but I get the same symptoms. I think I'll test if the voltages are stable and maybe how much current is consumed.
  2. Okay now I see the ascii table on com7 and also every even pin toggles (didn't test everyone though). The com ports use the standard FTDI driver, not a specific papilio serial driver, on my machine, might that be causing problems? I guess the drivers were already there because I used FDTI UART cables on this machine before. The program seems to only run once I restart the papilio board after programming (takes about 3 seconds to start then). I also tried the same with the retrocade wing and firmware, but even after restarting it doesn't show any lifesign.
  3. Hi Jack, thanks for the quick response. I tried the bin file you supplied, the board is powered by USB now, and all the pins from port A,B,C that I tried are constantly at 3.3V. The oscillator itself seems to be running, the messy signal is just because I dont have a proper scope available atm. About the ASCII-table: Which serial port do you mean? The SPI close to the USB controller? Or is there a UART over USB available over hterm etc? Edit: the loader's last message after programming is: Could not access USB device 0403:6010. Best Regards, Henrik
  4. Hi, I just received a Papilio Pro from seedstudio(china) and the two megawings (retrocade synth and arcade) from a german distributor about two weeks ago, and the megawings both don't work. I post this in the Papilio Pro board to find out, if the PP is broken, or both MegaWings are broken (might also be, they look a bit used) I tried the retrocade synth first with papilio loader 2.8: - writing to SPI flash works, verifying also, but the time it takes seems to vary a lot -> verifying was OK every time I tried - writing to FPGA also seems to work fine, I also switched the loader to expert mode like suggested in another thread - no reaction to MIDI input (double checkt the cable and keyboard I used) - at one point, a demo started to play ("welcome to re-re-retrocade" and then some music), but it sounded really glitchy (first some voices sounded like they skipped a few notes, but it got worse to the point that hardly any notes were played) - most times the display stayed blank, once I got to the space invader menu where i could select midi channel etc. with the joystick, but still no reaction to the keyboard - when I started the programming operation, the space invader thing showed on the display during the programming process, but disappeared when the programming was done Then I also tried the Arcade MegaWing with the latest version of the software, loaded a game, but my VGA monitor didn't display anything. I didn't test this one a lot though (if it would have worked I could have been sure the Retrocade Wing was malfunctioning). I use Win10 and enabled the Testmode to install the unsigned drivers before I installed both MegaWing's software. Question: Is there an easy way to verify that the Papilio pro board is the broken one? Some diagnostic tool or something? I don't really want to send it back to china before I know for sure which board is damaged. Would be happy about any suggestions what else I could try. Thanks in advance, Henrik