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    Gameduino on Pipistrello

    Hi Magnus. I recently purchased a pipistrello board from your shop and I am very happy with it. My goal is to use it at a core brain for my pinball project (to drive the LCD virtual DMD / play sounds and manage I/O's) not sure if I'll be able to to all but we will see. I played around with the DVI_SERDES example and I managed to tweak it to generate a 1280x390 DVI signal My screen (LTA149B780F) has a custom ratio that is quite close to the ratio of a real DMD(128x32) (see attachment). I managed to render a 128x39 matrix (8x8 pixels) BTW I had to swap the Red and Green pairs (U7/V7 and U8/V8) to get the right colors with my screens (probably a problem with my lcd driver board). I am now trying to read data from the SDCARD via SPI (Images at first) and although I am a software engineer. it is a bit low level for my taste (I have done some Assembler very long time ago). So I am looking at this Gameduino port you did and it look very interesting I tried it with another screeen with a regular 16:9 ratio but I have a weird behavior with all the examples (see second screenshot) Any idea where what would cause this ? Sadely the project is written in Verilog and I haven't a single clue where to find the generation of the signal (hsync/vsync/RGB) if you could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Meanwhile I'll keep digging. Have a great day. Edit: I found where the signal is generated and I am now trying to understand how to set the FrontPorch/BackPorch/Sync