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    Keeping some pings available while using Wings

    Thanks Jack, I went through more of the forum and found the rotation approach you mentioned above. I'm up to speed now on the way the A, B, and C connectors are arranged. I've purchased the Pro and LogicStart megawing because I want more than 2MB. My initial plan is to drive the 7 segment LED's and, if I have to, I'll run jumpers from the bottom of the MegaWing to free pins on the Pro. Thanks again, Mr Minix
  2. Hi all, I'm about to buy a Pro to replace an existing Spartan 6 design. I'd like to have a 4 digit 7 segment LED display and 8 toggle switches. The LogicStart MegaWing looks just right but I have one problem. I need 6 free pins (not including ground) for 3 instantiated uarts but the MegaWing uses every pin on the Pro so I am out of luck. Does anyone have a recommendation for how I can get my LED display, toggle switches and free pins? I can always connect the display and switched off board but will purchase existing products if possible. Thanks, Mr Minix