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  1. Hi, Just getting the time to resume a 32 bit de-serializer circuit I want to make as a peripheral for the ZPUino to read a specialized instrument, and I've dead-ended trying to learn the stuff I need to build a complete project using DesignLab. I do remember making heavy use of articles under "Learn". Is there an alternative way to get to the tutorial content for building circuits, say from VHDL or schematic edits, and making them into parts that can be hung onto the wishbone bus? I'm also saddened to see that many of the formerly useful urls included in the DesignLab templates are also dead. Any alternative there? What happened to all that content? At least the YT videos are still up, but I'm having to watch each one to see whether it's helpful. Thanks in advance! Cheers, sleat
  2. Hi, Overall, I'm having a great time with the Duo and Pro and some assorted shields! Whilst working through some of the tutorials, though, I've noticed that after a short time the IDE menus begin to glitch. Specifically what happens is that the menu will jump around in strange ways, with the currently selected menu item not matching the item which was just below the mouse pointer before it was moved. This manifests itself soon after running the app, and very quickly as soon as large menus like "examples" are selected. One definite symptom is that the top of the menu gets graphically copied to the place just below the mouse, so the actual menu content below the mouse cannot properly be seen until the mouse is over it. Not a show-stopper, but annoying. Screenshots included. The main screen also fails to redraw occasionally when obscured by menus or other windows. This problem does not occur at all in large menus in the Arduino IDE 1.8.1 but DOES happen in the examples menu of Arduino IDE 1.0.3 and 1.5.2 when mousing up and down the File=>Examples sub-menu. OS is Windows 7 Pro 64 with 12GB of system RAM. No other programs seem to be doing this. Is anyone else seeing this, and is there a fix? Cheers! Joe