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    Papilio Arcade .NET alternative

    Which papilio-program does ROMVault try to run? --- snip --- skip@xenial:~/ROMVault-Papilio/papilio$ find . -name "*papilio-prog*" ./tools/linux/papilio-prog ./tools/papilio-prog.exe ./tools/OLDpapilio-prog.exe skip@xenial:~/ROMVault-Papilio/papilio$ ./tools/linux/papilio-prog No or ambiguous options specified. Usage:./tools/linux/papilio-prog [-v] [-j] [-f <bitfile>] [-b <bitfile>] [-s e|v|p|a] [-c] [-C] [-r] [-A <addr>:<binfile>] -h print this help -v verbose output -j Detect JTAG chain, nothing else -d FTDI device name -f <bitfile> Main bit file -b <bitfile> bscan_spi bit file (enables spi access via JTAG) -s [e|v|p|a] SPI Flash options: e=Erase Only, v=Verify Only, p=Program Only or a=ALL (Default) -c Display current status of FPGA -C Display STAT Register of FPGA -r Trigger a reconfiguration of FPGA -a <addr>:<binfile> Append binary file at addr (in hex) -A <addr>:<binfile> Append binary file at addr, bit reversed skip@xenial:~/ROMVault-Papilio/papilio$ mono ./tools/papilio-prog.exe Cannot open assembly './tools/papilio-prog.exe': File does not contain a valid CIL image. skip@xenial:~/ROMVault-Papilio/papilio$ mono ./tools/OLDpapilio-prog.exe Cannot open assembly './tools/OLDpapilio-prog.exe': File does not contain a valid CIL image. skip@xenial:~/ROMVault-Papilio/papilio$ --- snip --- Skip
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    Papilio Arcade .NET alternative

    Hi @Felix, No need for debug my first issue! As you guessed I must have missed running cmake ../ . I ran it, re-installed and this time it installed under in my home directory and it was able to find the ZIPS I copied into ~/ROMVault-Papilio/Unsorted. Pacman is now Green! Unfortunately when I double click on PacMan I get: --- snip --- - Parse PScript Directive `papilio-prog` - - Loading Bitfile - - - Aborting - Cannot Load Bitfile - File Not Found --- snip --- (complete log file attached) Getting really close, I can almost hear the music... I'm not going to disappear, at least no today or tomorrow since I'm on vacation... Skip log.txt
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    Papilio Arcade .NET alternative

    Hi @Felix, I just successfully built ROMVault from the current github sources on Ubuntu 16.04.1 under mono and it runs. However when I put zip files in /usr/local/ROMVault-Papilio/Unsorted/ and run update they aren't found. I was surprised that "make install" installed under /usr/local since the README said that by default the installation directory was the linux home directory. Where should I be putting my ROMS zips? I ran into permission issues when I ran install so I created /usr/local/ROMVault-Papilio as root then changed the owner to my user. After that I ran "make install" again and it worked. I'm a C programmer, I know next to nothing about Mono or C#. ---snip-- skip@xenial:~/ROMVault-PapilioEdition$ mono --version Mono JIT compiler version 4.2.1 (Debian Copyright (C) 2002-2014 Novell, Inc, Xamarin Inc and Contributors. TLS: __thread SIGSEGV: altstack Notifications: epoll Architecture: amd64 Disabled: none Misc: softdebug LLVM: supported, not enabled. GC: sgen --- snip --- Suggestions? Skip
  4. Great Job Jose! The only problem I had was that I tied to use a 8GB SDHC card the first time, which didn't boot. Then I tried a 2GB SD card and everything worked just like magic. I even compiled and ran exmpl.c in the Aztec C directory successfully. Boy that brought back memories! I still have my IMSAI "PC" out in the garage, but I haven't powered it up this century. Skip