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  1. WoWPro71

    Where is the reset

    its saying : ERROR:MapLib:30 - LOC constraint P37 on ireset is invalid: No such site on the device. To bypass this error set the environment variable 'XIL_MAP_LOCWARN'. i wrote this: Net "ireset" LOC = "P37" | IOSTANDARD = LVCMOS33 ;
  2. WoWPro71

    Where is the reset

    i am talking about the rest button that you can see on the board that say's "FPGA Reset"
  3. WoWPro71

    Where is the reset

    i was mistaken the reset is 37 not 38. i opened someones UCF file and its indeed P94 for the clock. now i only need to find a way to use the reset button that is on the board.
  4. WoWPro71

    Where is the reset

    hello, i couldnt connect the reset button which is pin 38, it said that it doesnt exist. where is it truly placed?
  5. hey , 

    thanks for your help.

    can you please tell me how can i connect the clock, like which leg is used for the clock, maybe the 54th that doesnt seem on the board?

    1. Felix


      probably best off asking in your thread :)

      i don't do fpga other than very minor things!

      however, looking at the Spartan 6 datasheet, Pin 54 is a ground which is why its not available



  6. hello, i am an engineering student and as my final project i am required to make a working project with VHDL programming language. i was told to use Papilio DUO programmable board to make my project, but i dont know how to program it since i was working with MOJO 3V before it stopped working. my question is can i program Papilio DUO with simple VHDL programming language and not drawing the circuits?