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  1. Which FPGA Board Please?

    Hi Felix, That's fantastic. The Rom Vault looks like a must have. On the arcade front I intend to run an LCD with VGA and put it through a scan line generator. (I know it's actually making every other line black by grounding it). I have numerous cabinets and various boards such as the Namco Ms-Pac/Galaga reissue but fancy giving the FPGA a shot. On the harness front I can fix that - we do electronics where I work at a way higher level (BGA's and the like). It is just knowing which boards to buy, configure and leave alone. Thanks for the reply in the meantime :-}
  2. Which FPGA Board Please?

    I am completely new to this so please be gentle! I want a stand alone board to run arcade games where I program the PCB and put it into an arcade cabinet and leave it doing nothing but that. I am interested in Space Invaders and Bomb Jack. Is the Papilo Pro a suitable platform for both these games please? I don't want to use a Raspberry Pi or other emulator so just need the simplest and cheapest platform to do it on. Thanks in advance... James :-}