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  1. Hello, I have tried to connect my XILINX Platform Cable USB to the Papilio Duo. To avoid interfere of the FTDI Chip and the programmer I changed the PORTA of the FTDI to optically isolated mode as described here: The device ID can be read out as shown there, but programming is not possible with the impact tool o Xilinx. The papilio loader works, when the platform cable is disconnected. In the end of the video the FTDI chip is resetted by erasing the EPROM completely with FT_PROG. I have several questions: - since the programming is not possible from impact using Platform Cable and, in my case, programming is also not possible with playtag ( from inside impact, what are possible adjustments to program from impact and to use chipscope? I consider removing FTDI Chip completely using hot air soldering and using Platform Cable solely. - The video shows resetting the FTDI completely by erasing the EPROM. This erases the complete intital configuration. I lost my backup file. Can you please provide the initial configuration file for FTDIs FT_PROG to be able to use Papilio Loader again? Can you please make a hint in the video that a save backup of the fie is necessary? Why is erasing the eprom an option? In my case the board is not programmable anymore. A short - but complete and correct – introduction on how to use the papilio duo board successfully from within ISE Webbench in combination with impact and chipscope would be a great help. I guess for some more people than me. Thank you very much.