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  1. ChrisHurley

    Everything dead?

    I guess I missed the party? Looks like most things are dead- links are broken, etc... I bought a bunch of Papilio stuff a few years ago and didn't get into it- dragged it out today and its a ghost town...
  2. ChrisHurley

    Issue with Duo AVR USB

    Thanks- I'll dig in that area.
  3. ChrisHurley

    Issue with Duo AVR USB

    Somehow my Duo's AVR USB port must be injured. It doesn't seem to make a good connection as the computer detects it but quickly says it was disconnected. I tried another cable. I don't recall any incident with it getting pulled and the cables seem to work fine on other devices. Is there any hope to remedy this or is it left as a Duo without AVR? -Chris
  4. ChrisHurley

    Working on Papilio Nano

    Greetings- I just wanted to chime in and indicate that this looks like it would be a great addition to the family.