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    Microblaze port of Arduino 1.5.2 @ 100 MHz

    Thanks a lot Magnus ! My main focus now is step 2. Need to research how the build process works, and your points helped me a lot !
  2. Billy

    Microblaze port of Arduino 1.5.2 @ 100 MHz

    This is a very cool post ! I am trying to port to Arduino a board with Artix-7(fpga from xilinx) and Microblaze(comes free with Vivado). I have no problem doing the development on the Xilinx side of tools(Vivado SDK) but i am a bit stuck on the Arduino side. In order to make arduino work it needs a bootloader. Also in Arduino when you build for your board(microblaze in my case) you need mb-gcc. Could you point me in the right direction ? What bootloader is needed and how do you integrate mb-gcc with Arduino ? Some references will be highly appreciated Thanks !