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  1. fpgadude

    GOWIN FPGA Board

    Really nice Jack! Thanks.. That looks really minimalistic, and stack-able and cool. Few questions though, are the all pins available for use? Which FPGA are you gonna be using? How much would it cost with international shipping? Did you think about the price? Excuse my lack of understanding the subject but would it be able to run a small linux maybe + and ethernet shield? I don't know if it s gonna be a SoC or not. Just asking. Thanks again..
  2. fpgadude

    GOWIN FPGA Board

    @Felix - No problem. Copacabana looks pretty good, but i think it is not opensource, probably thats the reason why they got stuck. (nothing new since 2008 ) Something like that would be awesome totally. I dont know how but i guess we need to change the title of the thread
  3. fpgadude

    GOWIN FPGA Board

    Thanks for the reply, Jack. I hope you bring it out soon.
  4. fpgadude

    GOWIN FPGA Board

    In short the product is "OPEN SOURCE FPGA(GOWIN) BASED COMPUTE MODULE WITH A GIGABIT ETHERNET INTERFACE RUNNING ON lowRISC" google brings nothing, i am pretty sure a kickstarter campaign would rock after i saw nandland successfully funded in 24 hours. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1531311296/nandland-go-board-your-fpga-playground?lang=de any idea how i can promote this idea or find someone to work with? HERE IS THE IDEA AS A REAL PRODUCT. http://hackerboards.com/tiny-module-runs-linux-on-altera-arm-plus-fpga-chip/ http://www.mitydsp.com/product/mitysom-5csx/ it cost 500$, an open source version with cheap GOWIN FPGAs would make the difference. here is the video but base board supports only one module,i would need lots of modules on a base board, everyone of them connected to an ethernet jack.
  5. fpgadude

    GOWIN FPGA Board

    That's an interesting idea!! How much would that cost approx? How about a kickstarter? All I am interested in having compute modules which i can stack up +an ethernet interface for each of them to talk to fpga. non-volatile would spare extra chip but i am not sure about the speed though. creating something like this =>http://vocore.io/store/index VoCore v1+dock (was very successful) maybe but with fpga an example https://www.emtrion.de/en/cpu_sodimm_uebersicht.html and IDEAL CASE(=fpga+sodimm) but without fpga If you can do that would give me your email address, i would really appreciate it, or a kickstarter campaign which would be the right idea i guess, then i would not have to pay everything by myself. Thanks for the reply btw.
  6. fpgadude

    GOWIN FPGA Board

    I have heard about this FPGA company. They have two development boards yet they are not open source. So my question is: Can anyone please make a open source non-volatile FPGA board? http://www.gowinsemi.com.cn/en/kaifa.aspx