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  1. Ok, I know what's happening: I just wired one bit per RGB channel (like the VGA wing v1.0) but the LED library needs both bits per channel. As soon as I fed the second bit signal to the RGB channels the letters showed up.
  2. Hi All, I just got my new Papilio Pro and I was trying the examples from DesignLab. I've been playing around with different examples (Audio, VGA, etc.) and they work fine. But when I run any of the VGALiquidCrystal examples thye are just displaying two rows of green squares but no text in there. The following screenshot (LCD_Demo.jpg) shows the results I get from the "LCD_Demo" example. The VGA demos work fine (see screenshot - VGAHelloWorld.jpg) Just fyi, I'm not using any Wing, I'm just connecting 6 pins in the CH Wing2 port to the VGA cable (V-SYNC, H-SYNC, R, G, B, GND) as in the screenshot - DirectPinout.jpg. I am wondering if I am missing anything here. Do I require to connect anything else? Working with a real Liquid Crystal display needs to connect a couple of signals (rs, enable, data, etc.) but is it also necessary in this modified version? If not, what do the pins in the VGALiquidCrystal() call mean? Regards, Andres