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    TFT 3.2" SSD1289 Controller IP

    Hi Jack, Thank you very much for the quick reply! I am not using an existing CPU core for the Papilio, but instead I have created my own version of a modified Z80. I am currently not planning on using the Arduino that comes as part of the papilioDuo board, since I believe it might impact the frame-rate . I am working on a GameBoy classic clone, (all from scratch RTL, no existing CPU), and I would like to have my own LCD driver for the task. I have already some Verilog code that attempts to connect with the SSD1289, however I can't make it to display any colors. I was planning on using a logic analyser to capture the first few milliseconds of a working ArduinoMega LCD initialization routine, using the UTFT C++ Arduino libraries from Henning Karlsen, and then try to see how far off my controller is from the reference waveforms. I was wondering if there was a pre-existing opensource HDL core to drive the SSD1289 from the Spartan6, or some tip on to make this little monster it work. Getting my hands on a logic analyser has proved a difficult task far :(, I can't still figure out the correct frequency to interface with the SSD1289 (I am guessing some where between 16Mhz < f < 32Mhz should work). Thanks again for your help, and by the way your Papilio boards rocks! -Diego
  2. Hi, I am trying to write HDL driver for the papilioDuo to interface with the TFT 3.2'' SSD1289 from sainsmart, (parallel dirver). I have been following initialization FSM from the datasheet of the SSD1289, but I have not being able to make progress so far (screen is always blank). Are there any plans to support a TFT papilio wing? Has someone already verilog/vhdl to drive the SSD1289, or are there any tips you can provide? Thx -D