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  1. sky_moo

    implementing a new wishbone slot

    Ok. Thanks alvie, thats good information... If I get it working I'll share it on github... now - time to fix the vhdl and connect the PCM5102A DAC.... @ 384kHz and 32bps....
  2. sky_moo

    implementing a new wishbone slot

    I would like to implement a ZPU wishbone slot for an i2s receiver/transmitter using the open core project I2S Interface (,i2s_interface) This opencore I2S component is already implemented as a wishbone peripheral and requires an input signal called "wb_sel_i" / "wishbone input select" which I am not certain how this should be wired up to the 100 bit wishbone input signal on the ZPU. In some projects it is referred to as a 4 bit bus: input [3:0] wbs_sel_i, Where can I find more information about what input and output signals are available from the wishbone bus? Is there a good resource where I can learn about the wishbone protocol? I am using papilio duo. I am fairly new to FPGAs but am learning quickly. Thanks.