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  1. Data tranfer via USB on Papilio One

    I go the required output using the FPGA. Thanks for the help.
  2. SPI Verilog Megawing 2.1

    Hope someone can give me insight into using the ADC moduleon the logicstart megawing 2.1. I am a newbie to FPGA and need to use the module for conversoin
  3. SPI Verilog Megawing 2.1

    Hey im attaching my code here please review it. New Text Document.txt
  4. SPI Verilog Megawing 2.1

    Hello I wanted to use the megawing ADC to get digital values from an analog signal. The chip uses SPI protocol for communication. Can someone help me regarding how to start the code and if possible post a reference code for the same.
  5. Data tranfer via USB on Papilio One

    Magnus Thank you for pointing out my mistakes. I will make the changes and repost.
  6. Data tranfer via USB on Papilio One

    Yes you right, I have designed the counter for a baud rate of 9600 and data is sent over at those specific intervals. I read somewhere that the baud rate must be 3 times the required value. Is that necessary. And even after I gave the required 9600 baud i coudnt get any values in the compuetr, I used coolterm to view the values. also We need to connect to serail transmitter B right? Help need with code. I am attaching the code written in verilog please review it for mistakes. Memtopc_USB.txt
  7. Data tranfer via USB on Papilio One

    Hey, I wanted to transfer data via the FTDI chip channel B to the computer. I used verilog and wrote a code which simulates fine. The baud rat was set to 9600 in the verilog code. But i am unable to get any data through. The connection itself sometimes get lost. Also i can see only two pins rx and tx connected to the ftdi chip so how do i set the transfer rate for this process Urgent help needed.