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  1. Hello all, I need suggestion regarding buying a board. I am well experienced in writing verilog and vhdl but never worked on FPGA Board (I have zero knowledge on Board). How can I get Complete understanding of FPGA board and which one you suggest (I am confused in buying Papilio pro or Papilio Duo and Mega wings)
  2. Thanks Jaxartes. I am looking forward implementing some projects on fpga.
  3. Hello Jack, thank you for quick response. I bought Papilio Pro with mega wing kit. Can you please suggest where and HOW to start if you share any resource links for a naive person to start with(this is my first board, I didn't even work on any soft processor board earlier). What softwares needed to be downloaded. What things need to be known. I do have much theoretical knowledge but not practical your reply is much appreciated thanks Vinay